Ferguson, Part Deux

Yesterday, as the entire world knows, another cop was let off, scot-free, after killing a human being.

As after the Ferguson event, conservative white folks twist themselves into pretzels defending the police. Those leaning left blame racism. I don’t know whether Officer Daniel Pantaleo was a racist, but I do know that other warrior cop victims, Jarod Dotson and Wally Kowalski, are both very white.

So do we blame the cops? Yes and no. Neither Michael Brown nor Daniel Pantaleo are in the running for the Andy Griffith policing award. And nor are the costumed government agents whose daily job is to collect traffic taxes for the state. But not all cops thrive on civil forfeitures, victimless crimes and choking people to death.

The real culprits? I blame New York voters for extortionately high cigarette taxes that turn a voluntary exchange into a crime worthy of a SWAT team response. I blame Pennsylvania voters for unconstitutional civil forfeiture laws that let police steal your property without trial. I blame national voters for the War on Drugs that resulted in a militarized police and tremendous social costs.

Without draconian laws, we would have no need for draconian police.

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