hils and marc

I have a wager for those whose passions lead them to believe that Marco Rubio is a substantively different candidate than Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of who wins, during either Marco or Hillary’s first term:

  1. The US National debt will hit $21 trillion.
  2. US military interventionism will not abate (compared to foreign nationals killed by drones or combat over the prior 4 years).
  3. Goldman Sachs “Funds from Operations” will average positive growth.
  4. The NSA surveillance state will not be meaningfully curtailed (measured by legislative repeal of the Patriot Act).
  5. Obamacare will not be substantially repealed (measured by continued use of the IRS 1095 tax form).
  6. Neither federal sugar nor ethanol subsidies will decrease.

I bet $100. Friends and close acquaintances will be an e-handshake deal. Strangers can PayPal the full amount at brgross@inbox.com which I will confirm publicly in the comments, and refund with 5% interest if I lose. December 31, 2021 will be the final measuring deadline for the above list.

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