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None of the Above (PA primary edition!)

Democratic voting is legalized bullying. That which you cannot do to your neighbor, mano-a-mano, you can instead inflict upon her in a voting booth. Does she want to host an immigrant family? Smoke a joint? Practice interior decorating without government … Continue reading

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I’m Moving Out of the Country If

“I’m going to move out of the country if candidate X gets elected,” is possibly the most nonsensical threat one can make. First, even though I would pay money to watch it on Pay-Per-View, no one ever follows through. Seriously, following … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Plans

After living in Pittsburgh for five years, I’ve become adept at translating – if not actually using – sentences such as “If yinz jagoffs git dahnahahs, I’m inna basement doin’ the warsh.” But far more jarring to my eastern PA … Continue reading

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Must Watch TV

While the rest of America was watching the Super Bowl, I was reading Florence King and then binge-watching Banshee, a Cinemax original series. For the uninitiated, Banshee is the improbable tale of a paroled felon who – through a violent … Continue reading

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I have a wager for those whose passions lead them to believe that Marco Rubio is a substantively different candidate than Hillary Clinton. Regardless of who wins, during either Marco or Hillary’s first term: The US National debt will hit … Continue reading

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I Quit – Top 10 Reasons Why I Burned My Republican Voter Registration Card

This week I finally did it. After bouncing back and forth between the Republican and Democratic parties for the last 28 years, I called it quits. I, a former Republican candidate for state office, am no longer willing to wear that disagreeable … Continue reading

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Bourbon in Denmark. And a Movie Review.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, it took me six tries to figure out the password. But I’m back now and planning to write more regularly. One can’t annoy the Establishment by staying quiet. §§§ Earlier this month I … Continue reading

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