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None of the Above (PA primary edition!)

Democratic voting is legalized bullying. That which you cannot do to your neighbor, mano-a-mano, you can instead inflict upon her in a voting booth. Does she want to host an immigrant family? Smoke a joint? Practice interior decorating without government … Continue reading

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I have a wager for those whose passions lead them to believe that Marco Rubio is a substantively different candidate than Hillary Clinton. Regardless of who wins, during either Marco or Hillary’s first term: The US National debt will hit … Continue reading

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I Quit – Top 10 Reasons Why I Burned My Republican Voter Registration Card

This week I finally did it. After bouncing back and forth between the Republican and Democratic parties for the last 28 years, I called it quits. I, a former Republican candidate for state office, am no longer willing to wear that disagreeable … Continue reading

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Potpourri: Net Neutrality, The Blacklist and Michael Pollan

If by today you haven’t been pulled into a Facebook debate about “Net Neutrality,” you have my sincerest envy. For those of you not familiar with the concept, Net Neutrality is a scheme whereby the Federal government would mandate that … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Hat Wearing Candidate Wins 39% of Vote

This wasn’t a headline in Wednesday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but it should have been. I was, after all, the only candidate for state office endorsed by the Keystone Cannabis Coalition and who advocated a return to the gold standard. The 45th … Continue reading

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